Records Management

The company forms part of The Store House Group which was established in 1998, offering a range of self storage services, something that Hong Kong had never experienced before but desperately needed due to the uncertainties of an ever changing financial economy.

The Store House, provides individuals with a solution to accommodate their needs for whatever reasons that may occur e.g. traveling, downsizing, redundancy and a need to maximize usable space. Professional companies started using us for storing various office items and in particular company records. As companies stored more files with us their needs changed; they required a company that could provide them with a records management solution and so "The Document House" was established specifically to cater to businesses

Our Goals

The Document House, strives to provide it's clients with the professionalism that their clients would expect from themselves We ensure that stored documents are kept safe and secure and that when requested for retrieval files are returned promptly and in good order. We periodically review our clients' activity in order to ensure that we continue to be cost effective.


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